HDPE Fabricated Spiral Tank

Storage Tanks

Storage Tank
  • For Storage of common acids like HCL (upto 30% conc.) H2SO4 (upto 70% conc.), Acetic Acid, NaOH, Phosphoric Acid, Ethyl Alcohol Methyl Alcohol etc.
  • Due to very high resistance to abrasion, tanks are ideal for handling slurries and pastes.
  • Hygienic, non toxic and non-absorbent Spiral Tanks do not impact any taste or odour. Due to smooth walled surface, it is easy to clean and does not promote growth of Bacteria. This makes it suitable for Pharmaceutical and Food industries.
  • Rectangular tanks are also use as pickling tanks and available with MS support structure. Pen Close Reaction Vessels.
  • Incredibly lightweight Spiral Tanks with special Design. Accessories and System are easy to handle and low in Installation and Transportation costs. So Spiral Tanks are most preferred for Reaction Vessels in Chemical Industry.

Our range also includes application of Spiral Tanks as Scrubbers Absorption Towers, tanks System for Effluent treatment. Process Vessels with Stirrers, Agitators and Jackets, Ducts, Acid Proof Liners etc.