PP-CH Pipes & Fittings

We are Pioneer in manufacturing of Polymer Pipes for Air-Coompressor Piping & other Pneumatic applications, through the launch of "ANJNEY" PPRC Penumatic Piping System in 2004. We are catering our products for Air-Compressor & other Pneumatic piping needs since last 5 years, in which we have successfully supplied & commissioned our "ANJNEY" Pneumatic Piping system for more than 450 industries.

General Features

  • International Standard – Complying DIN standard & International color code BLUE hence you can be assured about the quality.
  • Absolutely Leak-Proof – Amazing Fusion welding jointing process ensures 100% leak-proff joints Available in various ranges of Pressures from 10 kg/cm2 to 25 kg/cm2 covering major kind of air pressure application
  • High Impact Strength – PPCH can be used in substitute of any metal pipes even under unskilled labor region,
  • Non Corrosive / Erosive –Non corrosive material & smooth inner surface
  • Energy saving – Fusion welded joints ensure 0% leakage chances & smooth inner surface reduces pressure drop, which enhances productivity of the plant & "Creates energy by saving it"
  • Extraordinary Life Expectancy – Life Expectancy upto 50 Years* with respect to its Mechanical strength & its UV resistance as well as non brittle characteristic.
  • Low Thermal Expansion – Compared to any other polymer piping system.
  • Lesser Need for clamping – Due to reduced chances of sagging in comparison to other polymer piping system. There is lesser need for clamping.
  • High Temperature Resistance – Temperature resistance from 5O C to 95 O C (Refer pipe selection chart)