PP-RC Pipes & Fittings

Industrial Application Features

Corrosive Resistance Concept Industries

  • Leak-proof & airtight homogenous joints by fusion welding methods, so much more superior joint strength than any type of other metal pipes, even though other Polymer pipes.
  • Exceptional corrosion & erosion resistance, best suitable for Corrosive Chemicals & any kind of water applications (Heavy or Salty Water)
  • High chemical resistance power even at high temperature, hence suitable for any kind of alkalis, Organic & inorganic Chemicals.
  • 0% Maintenance on the piping as the Joint yields life equivalent to piping systems life.
  • Superior Impact, Fracture Resistance & Minimum Crack Transmission yields a Performance Life of 50 years, which ensures 100% payback to your Piping investment, hence it is more suitable than any kind of metal pipes.

Heat Saving Concept Industries : Chiller & Cooling Tower Application

Taking into consideration the working environment of Chiller Plants & Equipments, we have developed an ideal Piping System "PPRC Heat Saving Pipes" to enhance its performance, as a result our PPRC Piping system have following enriched features :

  • Low Thermal Conductivity as a result of selected special grade of PPRC resin, hence it is more capable of controlling & maintaining any temperature – 4 to 90 degree Celsius.
  • Heat Saving ensures minimum need for Insulation requirement.
  • Smoother Inner surface & ideal Joining method ensures negligible Pressure Drop & Head Loss.
  • Food Grade product, hence suitable for Drug, Pharma, R.O., Dairy & even in Drinking water Pipeline.

Comparison between G.I. & PPRC for Cold and Hot Water Transmit Application

PPRC Pipeline Metal Pipeline
Non-Corrosive Pipeline Highly Corrosive Pipeline
Leak-Proof Joints (Fusion Welding) Due to Corrosion & Threaded joints high chance of leakages at joints.
No need of skilled labor for installation Need for skilled labor for Installation
Hard Scale Formation is Very Low High formation of hard scale
Due to Low Friction & Head loss, Pump can work efficiently & yield more life High Friction & Head Loss reduces pumps effectiveness & life
Heat Loss of PP is 0.039 – 0.079 (Btu/hr ft oF) much lesser (900 times) than Metal pipes, Which means that it has a higher temperature sustaining power at lower temperature. Heat Loss of Iron is 43.06, which shows that it has lower temperature sustaining power in comparison PP.
Compared to Metal Pipeline, insulation requirement is low in PPRC Pipeline due to low Heat Loss characteristics As the Heat-Loss is much high the Insulation requirement is high to maintain the temperature

"ANJNEY" PPRC Heat Saving Piping is made of special PPRC grade imported raw-material to minimize Heat Loss. Moreover our Piping system would yield 10 to 60 times energy saving in comparison to other Metal piping.

As far as product quality & reliability is concerned, in last 4 years, we have already supplied & commissioned successfully PPRC Piping system in more than 150 Chiller & Cooling Tower plants & even we are also ready to offer you a trial installation at any required Airline for your & clients assurance.

"Create Energy by saving energy (air-loss) through

Did you know how much loss Metal Pipes made through Heat – Loss?

  • Heat Loss: Due to high Heat-loss in Metal Pipes, the temperature is not maintained.
  • Additional Electricity Consumption: As the leakages & Heat-Loss reduce the temperature at end-point, the Temperature has to be kept much lower than actual requirement at Start-Point, which would consume additional electricity.
  • Corrosion effect on other Parts: The corrosion & erosion leads to leakages & cause to Energy loss, Moreover the eroded particles pass through the pipeline & gets into other parts of Chiller & Cooling Tower, thereby effecting its performance.

Considering all above deficiencies of Metal piping system, we had conducted Research & Development at High-End Plastic Technology Laboratories, through various test & experiments. Further we had observed the Heat-Loss in various Metal & Polymer pipes & after analyzing them we have selected the grade having minimum Heat-Loss & developed PPRC Heat Saving Piping System. In Last 4 years we have made more than 120 installation in various Chiller & Cooling Tower plants.

PPRC Pipes & Fittings

Heat Loss of "ANJNEY" PPRC Heat Saving Piping System compared to others

RESIN (Thermal Cond.)
Btu/hr ft of
Heat-Loss Comparison to PPRC Piping
Pure Iron 43.06 900 Times
Cast Iron 27.09 600 Times

High Carbon Steel Alloy 26.13 550 Times
SS 303 9.68 200 Times

HDPE 0.267 6 Times
PP 0.066 1.5 Times

How "ANJNEY" PPRC is different from other PPRC Pipes?

There are 10 to 15 PPRC Pipe Fittings manufacturers in India, but most of PPRC pipes available are developed for Domestic usage in residential area. Whereas "ANJNEY" PPRC Pipe fittings was specially developed after a 1 year continuous R & D wherein we have enhance PPRC properties to withstand with environment of Chiller Water / Air Pipeline, Pneumatic & other industrial application. Further our R & D Dep. is making constant efforts to advance its features for better performance.

ANJNEY Heat Saving Piping System Other PPRC Pipes & Fittings
Specially developed for Chiller & Cooling Tower applications Developed mainly for Domestic / Plumbing applications.
Through continues R & D selected special grade which have least Heat-Loss property compare to all other Polymer grade in the world Almost all PPRC Pipe Fittings manufacturers use regular grade of Co-Polymer, which is developed for plumbing application
ANJNEY Piping system offered for application in Cold & Hot water / industrial applications. Other manufacturers offer PPRC Pipe Fittings for plumbing / domestic application
In last 4 years ANJNEY Piping system is installed in more than 120 Industries including reputed companies like Hindalco, GACL, Ciba, Asian Paints. Other PPRC Pipes can be used ONLY in domestic application due to usage of regular grade of PP

"ANJNEY" PPRC Pipe Fittings has excellent insulator characteristics, when compared to other conventional materials like G.I. / M.S., Steel, Copper & other plastic pipes. Normally it may not be necessary to insulate PPRC Pipes for hot water concealed application due to its Low Thermal Conductivity. But incase where circulation of hot water is continuous & applications are unconcealed, it is advisable to insulate distribution line to prevent excessive loss of heat & energy wastage. In comparison to other conventional pipes, insulation thickness of PPRC Pipe fittings greatly reduced due to its low thermal conductivity.