PP-RC Pipes & Fittings

Polypropylene random copolymers are a type of polypropylene in which the basic structure of the polymer chain has been modified by the incorporation of a different monomer molecule. Ethylene is the most common comonomer used. This causes changes to the physical properties of the PP. In comparison with PP homopolymers, random copolymers exhibit improved optical properties (increased clarity and decreased haze), improved impact resistance, increased flexibility, and a decreased melting point, which also results in a lower heat-sealing temperature. At the same time they exhibit essentially the same chemical resistance, Temperature resistance – to +, water vapour barrier properties, and organoleptic properties (low taste and odour contribution) as PP homopolymer.

General Features

  • Exceptional corrosion & erosion resistance as PPRC is a polymer product, hence after installing PPRC just forget about corrosion problems & so it is a ideal product for various Chemical & other Fluid transmit application.
  • High chemical resistance power even at high temperature.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity makes it an ideal Piping system where one needs to Control & Maintain the Temperature. Indeed it has the lowest Thermal Conductivity compared to any other polymers.
  • Anti-Fungal & Non-toxic product, free from the growth of any bacteria.
  • Leak-proof & airtight homogenous joints by fusion welding methods
  • Negligible head loss, Minimum Pressure loss & Higher Flow Rate due to smooth internal surface & homogenous joints.
  • Inherited characteristic of high impact strength makes its suitable for industrial application at unskilled labor region.
  • Wide Temperature range: -4°C to +95°C (suitable for both hot & cold applications)
  • Very low thermal loss, as PPR-C is poor conductor of heat & condensation.
  • Trouble-free installation process & light in weight for transmit.
  • Long Service life, above 50 years over a wide temperature range.
  • Highly economical as compared to G. I., C. I., M. S., PVC and also CPVC.
  • Superior Impact, Fracture Resistance & Minimum Crack Transmission due to Co-polymer with random assortment.
  • PPR-C being an Eco-Friendly product does not catches fire straightforwardly, indeed in case of fire it doesn't produce toxic gases.