How ANJNEY make PPRC Heat Saving Pipes are better than other PPRC Plumbing Pipes?

The pipes manufactured by other PPRC pipe manufacturers are only for plumbing / domestic application. ANJNEY has developed PPRC Heat Saving Pipes by special grade of raw material, specifically for industrial application, with the purpose of saving energy / maintaining temperature. By installing ANJNEY PPRC Pipes, industries can save up to 60 % energy, for cold or hot application.

ANJNEY Heat Saving Piping System Other PPRC Pipes & Fittings
Specially developed for Chiller / Cooling tower / Corrosive Chemical transmit applications Developed mainly for plumbing applications
Selection of special grade through continuous R & D which have least heat-loss property compared to all other polymer grade in the World Almost all other PPRC Pipes & Fittings manufacturers use regular grade of Co-polymer, which is developed for plumbing application
ANJNEY Piping System offered for Cold and Hot fluid transmit. Other manufacturers offer PPRC Pipes & Fittings for plumbing application
In last 4 years, ANJNEY Piping system is installed in more than 120 industries including reputed companies like Hindalco, GACL, Ciba, Asian Paints Other PPRC Pipes are used for domestic / plumbing applications only, no such industrial application might have been carried out
ANJNEY has special double layer pipe with CBC (carbon black content) as the outer layer for UV resistance in outdoor applications Other Manufacturers provide multi layer pipes in which black layer is in middle, which does not serve the purpose of UV resistance, on the contrary, user is not ensured for the quality of triple layer pipe