Passion for PipesA new grade of PP with Crystalline StructurePassion

PP-RCT, a three-layer pipe where the middle layer consisting of mixed short fiberglass strands, which is isolated by solid layers of PP-RCT on inside & outside of the pipe.


Polypropylene Random Crystalline Temperature (PP-RCT) a special grade of Polypropylene with higher MRS as well as crystalline property and the composition of sandwich glass reinforcement in the middle layer, which is isolated by a solid layer of PP on both the side of the pipe with higher hoop stress compared to any other grade.


Pneumatic Co-extruded pipelines, also called pneumo transport, transport solid particles using air as the carrier medium. Owing to high energy consumption and abrasiveness to pipe and materials, are helping to constant care to minimize the risk of leaks, friction, pressure drop, erosion and explosions, and their consumption of energy is not Spartan.


High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Piping is made from Polyethylene. It has been used to transport fluids. It’s able to withstand harsh chemicals & solvents without corrosion and leak as well as Butt fusion Installation under limited temperature. Polyethylene (PE) material is best suited against GI/DI as it is inert to most of the chemicals.


The product provides the user with an optimized cost/performance system over expensive alloys or other lined and unlined piping systems. It combines the mechanical strength of a metal housing and the corrosion resistance of an engineered plastic liner for high temperature. Our products are available in various sizes and designs at market leading prices.


A wide range of valves from high-quality imported thermoplastics, manufactured by DPP. There are various assemblies used in the Valve industry and one of them is Polypropylene (PP). Engineered and specialized thermoplastics have been blended to enhance their characteristics. They are used for heavier-duty service media like highly acidic, Solvents & corrosive applications.


This product used to convey and are insert to most of all chemicals with the exception of Moten Alkali Metals. The interior is completely lined with a high quality PTFE or PFA lining material & due to its thickness it completely protect against any corrosion which makes it an excellent choice for any nasty applications.


KITZ Aluminium Butterfly Valves has structural & functional advantages such as simple construction, compact and lightweight by open/close with 90-degree action and excellent fluid controllability. KITZ established a rich product line-up by preparing systematic series in accordance with the application of butterfly valves in order to meet a wide variety of all segment.


Primary application is the prevention of harmful spray-outs and mist formation from failing pipe joints of toxic and corrosive liquids such as acid, oil, or steam. They are not designed to contain the leak indefinitely, but to prevent the harmful spray outs resulting explosions causing considerable plant downtime, capital drainage & even loss of life.


The leading many-sided business conglomerate, who continues to exceed standards with, believes in serving quality products and sustainable long-term relations with esteemed patrons.

A prominent organization as the pioneer supplier and accredited purveyor in the field of Industrialized Segment Piping, Valves & Filtration product. We have spread our roots in serving this field for more than one decade now and we have catered to nearly every industry. Some of the substantial industries are Pharmaceuticals, Agro-based, Pigments, Textiles, Food Processing, Chemicals, Engineering, and many more. Furthermore, we educate our patrons moreover by contributing to technical application guidance or taking up a Turnkey job.


Over the length & breadth of, We’ve constructed values of serving our patrons to the fullest, while endlessly growing, learning, and innovating. We take trust of our patrons utterly & relentlessly ameliorate on our amenities to meet their necessities.

We have faith in serving superiority & we set paramount for what best product means to us as a company & then we propose to our patrons.

Along with quality, trust is essential. Before commencing to propose the product or service to anyone else, you have to sell yourself on it. Over a decade of our journey people have started embracing our product. And thanks to how our skills complemented one another’s.

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We truly appreciate for quality & service which Phoenix has been serving us since 7 to 8 years. We appreciate prompt action subject to deliver the quality with accordance to the application media.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

We have been procuring & installing Pipelines through the Phoenix. They have approach us to the replacement of existing Pipelines subject to corrode & leakages & suggest us the PPRCT FR Pipelines. We wish to recommend this product as it will be truly time tested, sturdy & customer proven product.

Milan Laboratories (India) Pvt Ltd

We were having project requirement of piping for different service media where we have put our efforts for permanent solution of leak proof joints at the service area which is more corroded, toxic where we have installed volume of pipe. We recommend the Thermo-polymer products supplied by Phoenix.

Cadila Healthcare Limited

Phoenix has done the non-metallic piping supply & installation at our plant. These lines are used in the service for breathing air & scrubber lines. It is observed that these installations are good quality & are compatible with the services & environment.

Rallis India Limited

We approached Phoenix for their product range since it contains the ability to prevent leakage, Corrosion & 100% sustainable result among the different MOC piping used by our side since long. We have observed noteworthy saving in power consumption & can save a fair sum of money in comparison to other pipes.

Shriram Alkali & Chemicals

We have procured & given Turnkey piping projects to Phoenix for their suggested product line Thermal FR Composite Pipes & Fittings for Effluent Drainage System. After the installation we are very much satisfied with the performance of a product & services provided by Phoenix.

Sanofi India Limited

There’s always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.

Oscar De La Hoya