Safety or spray shields offer the last line of defence. They are not designed to contain the leak indefinitely, but to prevent the harmful spray outs resulting in fire

Flanged joints on pipeline are a huge source of danger and wherever it used to transport poisonous, flammable, or caustic liquids. In case of seal breakage, the result is a danger zone with a diameter of up to 40 meters. To reduce this flanged joints must be provided with a suitable form of spray protection.

Splash Guard

Safety Shields also known as Splash guards are used in a variety of industries, where their primary application is the prevention of harmful spray-outs and mist formation from failing pipe joints, of toxic, corrosive, and dangerous liquids such as acid, oil, or steam.

Pipe joint disasters have been accountable for a huge number of high-profile industrial occurrences around the world. Acid, oil, and steam jet spray-outs have resulted in many severe personal injuries, either directly or through consequent fires and explosions. Industry regulators have recognized the importance of shielding pipe joints (flanges, valves, couplings, hoses) to prevent jet leaks or the formation of explosive mist. Such spray-outs can have catastrophic effects, in many cases resulting in fire or explosions causing considerable plant downtime, capital expenditure, and even loss of life.

Features of Splash Guard

Uncompromising Safety Shield
Hazardous spraying is safely prevented

Polypropylene Material
A material with great technology

Installation and removal within seconds
No tools or additional equipment required

Diversities in colours
Two types of colours available White and Red

Secure fit even with vertical pipes
Diffusers in the flange gap prevent slipping

Vast assortment deliverable from the warehouse
Various sizes are available for DIN

Dimension Details

Nominal Size (In mm) For Flange OD (In mm) Nominal Pressure A Internal Slotted Ridge B Ring Width
DN 25 108, 114, 121 PN 10 9 40
DN 40 127, 130, 133, 140 PN 10 9 40
DN 50 150, 152, 165 PN 10 10 40
DN 80 184, 191, 200, 203 PN 10 10 50
DN 100 216, 220, 229 PN 10 10 50

Settling process of Splash Guard


Functioning of Splash Guard

The medium being subjected to high pressure is relieved of pressure at the breaking point of the seal. This results in direct conversion into kinetic energy. Due to the special shape of the SAFE-RING, this kinetic energy is reliably reduced in stages so that the medium can flow off completely without spraying out.


First stage: Counter current principle

The c-shaped diffuser is clamped directly between the flange shells and serves as rebounding and deflecting surface. The emerging medium is deflected several times on the rebounding surfaces into partial currents that flow against and cross one another. The flow rate is reduced accordingly


Second stage: Sprinkling can principle

The c-shaped diffuser divides the space enclosed between the flange shells and the ring jacket into partial spaces and only allows the medium to escape through the broken-through sections/holes in the diffuser. The division into further partial currents results in an additional reduction of the flow rate of the emerging material.


Third stage: Labyrinth seal

The ring jacket with its slits/grooves ensures that the medium flowing out from the inner relief area into the outside area is deflected or swirled up even further so that a complete reduction of the kinetic energy is achieved. The medium escapes without being sprayed out.

Structure of Splash Guard

Performance at its best
Conventional spray shields that are merely mounted around the outside of a flange only deflect escaping fluid jets in the direction of the pipe when a seal fails. In contrast, with its innovative diffuser technology, the Safe-Ring provides the type of protection expected from safety equipment in the event of an emergency. the escaping fluid simply flows off downward without spraying.
Functional design
The diffuser of the Safe-Ring was designed as a c-shaped channel that clamps directly between the flange faces serving as an impact and deflecting surface. In the case of damage, the flow rate of an escaping fluid jet is safely slowed down through enlargement of the cross-section and massive turbulence in the intermediate space of the flanges. The snap-lock enables installation in a matter of seconds without tools.
Safe Ring SRP
Circular cover with adjustable locking clip and flange fitting internal slotted ridge

Operational Temperature Range
-40*C to +115*C | Sizes: ½" up to 6"

Imported Polypropylene PPH Grey & Red, UV Stabilize
Simple & Quick Installation
Installing SPLASHGUARDS safety shields is both simple and quick, requiring no tools. This shield designs are available in special imported PPH Grade with UV stabilized. It is made to fit specific joint/fitting types and sizes.

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